About us

If you are as passionate about technology as we are, you’ll love what the lavarma Shop has to offer.

We specialize in selling uav, uav accessories, uav camera and so on.

In a quest to offer the world the latest and greatest gadgets, we founded the first store in 2004. With our commitment to sourcing the most innovative products just for you, we have expanded our range to over 4000 product lines. From computer accessories to business and office toys, our extraordinary gizmos have got you covered whatever your needs are. 

Whether you are a tech geek or you are looking for the best gift ever, we are here to inspire you. Amp up the fun by grabbing some of our boy’s toys and taking them for a spin.

With our user-friendly online store, you can be the first to get your hands on the latest electronics and super-toys without leaving the comfort of your home. Now you can find everything electronic, intelligent, technological and FUN in one place.

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